Sunday, 10 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 1 - Panini Wrapper Redemption - Part #1

OK. I thiunk I've finally got everything that needed posting posted. (Probably not) Now, it is time to start digging into the goodies from the show.

The fine folks at Panini were offering a wrapper redemption with boxes purchased at the show. Most of the people went for Select Hockey. However, I bucked the trend, by picking up a box of Hometown Heroes. I'll bet I was the only one, as the Panini booth guy had to double check the poster to make sure of what I was to receive.

12 packs. 24 cards. They knew their audience in Toronto, because 21 of mine were of the hockey variety. You've seen one with the mystery Hab. If you've been to the official Panini blog, you've seen a second Hab. To start off this lazy, breezy Sunday morning, here's the non-hockey pulls:

I hear this guy's a pretty big deal. It's the only one of these three that I don't plan to keep. Before putting it on ebay for a small cost, I'm offering it to the Dodger-loving bloggers out there. Just do a little bit of damage to the set portion of my wantlist, specifically the '13 Archives SPs, and it's yours.
While I do make an effort to collect baseball players from the Great White North, the basketball portion of the collection is rather sparse. There's some Steve Nash in it, a little Jamaal Magliore, some junk wax era stuff of Bill Wennington and Mike Smrek, and not much else. If I do decide to build it, this towel relic of #1 draft pick Anthony Bennett might be the type of card to start with. It's certainly a different item.
And this was the third non-hockey card. At least I got some variety in terms of the sports. I originally thought that this would be the same one that I traded w/ 2*3 Heroes to get, but it was different. This one is /399 as opposed to /499, and does include a little more photo as opposed to a washed out background. There's no line on it from the logo to his face. I was just too lazy too remove it from the penny sleeve for the scan.

And now, only 20 more cards to post!

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