Saturday, 16 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 8 - Hometown Heroes Box Break - Pack 5 of 12

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Fernando Valenzuela -  Pulling a card of Fernando in 2013 = AWESOME! I'm somewhat surprised there aren't more cards of Fernando out there in retro sets. He just seems to be the type of player perfect for at least the Fan Favorites portion of Archives.
Jurickson Profar
David Price
Matt Kemp
Dustin Pedroia
David Freese
Derek Jeter - A bunting card in a set like this is a surprise. The bigger surprise is that this wrapped up a run of 6 straight current players. Which might be the personal record for this box break.
Rickey Henderson - As a Yankee? As with some others, there is a high number SP in the set where the player is on a different team. Rickey is listed as being with Oakland there.
David Eckstein
Mike Greenwell
Mike Boddicker
Shelby Miller
Adam Jones
Jason Varitek
Matt Cain
Mickey Tettleton - Another cards with the "Wow. He's in a 2013 set" moment.
Jack Clark - And yet another.
Mike Trout - Defining Moment - Catch of the Day. It salutes his insane catch to rob Baltimore of a home run. A good choice. There's a lot of Mets in this 20 card subset. There's Matt Harvey's debut. There's Mookie's dribbler. There's Gooden's one-hitter. There's Piazza getting a bat thrown at him. WHA? I'd think towards something more positive, such as his post 9-11 homer.
Kevin Gausman - State Parallel
Larry Bowa
Mike Mussina
Carlton Fisk
Edwin Encarnacion - A nice Blue Jays pull. With photo choices like this, you can ignore the lack of a MLB license.
Fergie Jenkins - A great card to wrap up this pack. A rare appearance of a B+W photo, and they work so nicely with the design. And it is CanCon as well, with Fergie's hometown of Chatham, ON making an appearance in the write-up on the back.

This set is a blast to put put together.

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  1. I love that Panini included David Eckstein in this set. I'm going to have to track that one down.