Thursday, 21 November 2013

Expo Goodies Post 15 - HH Box Break - Pack 10 of 12

Back to the box.

Craig Biggio - Definitely an interesting start. But he has made some appearances in recent products, and the photo is such that you don't notice that the logos might bave been shopped out.
Steve Avery
Jose Altuve
Greg Gagne
Jon Jay
Adam Wainwright
Yasiel Puig - WOO-HOO! At least I won't need to buy this one to complete the set.
Pat Tabler - Pat wins the award this pack for the guy that I'm most surprised to see in a 2013 product. As best I can tell, he hasn't had a base card since 1993.
Carlos Gonzalez
Alex Rodriguez - As a Yankee.
Dave Stewart - Are there any pitching photos of Stewart that don't feature that stare?
Terry Pendleton - Another contender for the guy I'm surprised to see in a 2013 set.
Bill Buckner
Chase Headley
David Ortiz
Harold Reynolds- And a third.
Jason Heyward - State Parallel
Matt Harvey - Defining Moments - Much as I like coming across cards of Harvey, highlighting his debut in the bigs does seem like a way to shoehorn an extra insert card of a player who had his cards in demand.
Chipper Jones - Homegrown Heroes Black - These black bordered inserts are beautiful. The base and autos are 1/1, so it is nice so see them as unnumbered inserts, if for no other reason to get a chance at pulling these beauties.
Mark Grace
Wally Joyner
Jose Bautista - And to wrap up the scans portion of this post, a Blue Jay!
Willie McGee
Bryce Harper - How much fun is a set that a card of one of the more popular players, card-wise, doesn't even warrant a scan?

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  1. Man, I wish you had ten packs left to bust, rather than having finished ten. I'm going to miss this series when you're done. It's been fun remembering some of these players that I forgot about... like Pat Tabler. Wow.