Saturday, 2 November 2013

3 downs. 1 envelope.

With my goal of completing the 2003 Atomic set that I bought a box of last month, I noted there really weren't a lot of singles at the usual suspects. So, I instead hit up abd cards to pick up a few cards from the 3 down game. The website wasn't much, but I had no problem placing an order. If you're looking for players from your alma mater or other themes, they're recommended.
My favourite card of the bunch wasn't a set builder, but yet another new addition to my 2/14 binder. Mike Raines had a cup of coffee in the NFL with the 49ers, but went on to play about 7-8 years up here with Montreal and Ottawa. The card is also a 4*3, so I'm going to be looking for a page for it at the Expo so it can join the binder properly instead of being stuck in the back pocket.
Here's the second one I wanted for my PCs. Although they only lasted one season during the US Expansion phase, the Mad Dogs, they did have my favourite logo of the teams. This card was the one with the best look at the Mad Dogs logo in action.
I also shopped for trade bait. These two will be on their way to a certain Wolverines collector.
And these were the two cards that I wanted to build the set. A third wasn't available, but is on its way through Sportlots.
But I didn't just grab hockey. Here's a new member of my collection of Kitchener Rangers alumni. You know, if the camera view is such that it appears that the player is wearing pants as opposed to the actual uniform, you might want to zoom in a smidgen. But in-game photos were not exactly a hallmark of WHA sets. Cards like this made up the majority of the pics.
Also, here's a new Viktor Kozlov for my 2/14 collection.
And after the aforementioned Wolverines fan introduced me to this set, I couldn't resist grabbing 5 more for the mask binder. All the NHL cards were 20 cents. That's two cents more than sportlots, but cheaper when the shipping didn't include a border crossing.

Again, if you're looking for CFL cards from the era where singles were plentiful (read: before the past few years when they became SP'd into a set-only release), check them out!


  1. Wow... those Atomic cards are pretty nice. Are they die-cut?

    1. It is a strange set. The inserts are the standard 2*3 rectangles, while all the base and parallels are the die-cuts.

    2. Very cool. I like how they switched things around.