Sunday 10 July 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 27 - Getting caught up

I take a short break from posting, and the repack posts pile up. So, you get not one, not two, not even three but four different repacks in the same post. A flea market repack, a 15 card hanger, a Surprise Bag, and a 3 pack+a Connor repack. I'll do these in that order.

Usually, these are $5 for a brick that also contains a hit. This time, a little something different. $2 for a team bag with a bunch of SPs from last year's Masterpieces.
#139 - Bobby Clarke - This was one of the visible cards, making it an easy decision as to which one to grab.
#93 - Peter Forsberg - Philly seems like an odd choice for the team to feature Forsberg on.
#96 - Jarome Iginla
#101 - Guy Carbonneau
#103 - Bill Barber - Kitchener Rangers alum!
#106 - Bill Ranford - And that's a mullet worthy of the late 80s/early 90s.
#108 - Sean Monahan
#110 - Jaromir Jagr
#112 - Henrik Zetterberg
#114 - Grant Fuhr - The only dupe for me in the repack. Still, such a great image deserves to be shared a second time.
#117 - Mike Richter
#121 - Marcel Dionne - Classic uniform.
#123 - Adam Oates - A simple, but intense image.
#125 - Nathan MacKinnon
#127 - Jeff Carter * 2
#132 - Ray Bourque
#134 - Larry Robinson
#136 - Pierre Turgeon
#129 - Steve Yzerman - This was the other visible card. Another nice looking card for the format. The background looks very 1989 Diamond Kings-y.

Now, the Dollarama hanger.
2010-11 Biography of a Season - Steven Stamkos - I opted for this repack since I thought I'd throw this into my next package for "Wish...Bubblegum"
1991 Score - Dale Kushner
1991 7th Inning Sketch - Jeff Walker - I love the classic Petes uniforms. They've become a little more stylized over the years, but retain their basic look.
1991 UD - John Ogrodnick
1999 Wayne Gretzky Hockey - Wayne Gretzky - You can never go wrong pulling a Gretzky from any source. And, even better, he's #99 in the set named after him.
2015 UD - Karl Alzner
1990 Pro Set - Mike Krushelnyski
1995 Topps - Brett Lindros - Trust the Gorton's Fisherman! At least you can compare and contrast the jerseys for ugliness on the same card.
1990 Score - Wendell Young - One of the cards for my Kitchener Rangers binder that I'm amazed wasn't in there already.
2009 MVP - Rick DiPietro
1991 OPC - Doug Brown
1994 Score - Josef Beranek - One of my least favourite hockey designs. Great photo, though.
1995 UD - Sergei Makarov
1990 Bowman - Steve Chiasson - Don't drive drunk, kids.
2010 UD - Matt Cullen

Off to the Surprise Bag, which had these contents:

Starting with the Victory pack:
If you're going to knock one card of my set wantlist for it, it might as well be one of the SP rookies. After 9 games with the Bruins in 06-07, he saw two more games in 2009 with the Wild, and has been back in Europe since 2011.
Even though they're junk wax, the HOF pack contained 3 HOFers. And one being the Eagle mask is a plus. The only odd man out is the one that isn't eligible yet. And hey, you never know. Maybe he'll pick up 200 unassisted goals next season.
The 2010s pack wasn't as nice as last time, with parallels and inserts, but an appearance of the Lady Byng trophy and another Rangers alum saves it.
And the 90s pack. Junk wax era again, but the OHL card is of someone who had a decent NHL career, so this wasn't too bad either.
And the final one. A visible hobby pack? Why not?

Well, the hobby pack didn't have a hit in it. But it did have a Mozaics insert.
The other two packs were both 13-14 Score. There were a lot of celebratory cards in that set.
That even extended into the rookies portion of the set.
Two gold parallels. Without buying singles of this parallel set, I've accumulated over 130 of these cards, both through set-building the regular set and repacks.
But this might have been the best card from the packs. If I remember correctly, these were pretty tough pulls.

Like the last one, this also included a pack with a coin in it. And here it is:
I'm not sure if $30 a Week Habit collects these type of Sakic items, but I'll put it aside for now.

And to wrap this one up, here's Connor!

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  1. I would definitely be interested in the Sakic coin. I do have some Senators cards to send your way once the postal strike ends up north...