Saturday 23 July 2016

Sportscards From the Drug Store?

My closest post office is a small branch situated inside a Shoppers Drug Mart. While there to drop off a couple small packages on Wednesday, I noticed a small area with cards/stickers. This was the cheapest option:
The last time I busted one of these packs turned out quite nicely. This time around?
While no Bossy autograph was in this pack, it was still pretty nice to land a numbered card in the pack. An interesting trio of regular base cards as well. When Jean Beliveau is the dullest of the bunch (since Stevens is a PC guy), that's a fun little pack, and easily worth the cost.

There was also a pack of stickers in there.
7 stickers, and 3 of them have Blackhawks content. Interesting.

And there you have cards from my latest oddball source for them.

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  1. and the new repacks are now $1.29--green packaging--I buy them when it's seniors day at SDM and get my 10% discount