Wednesday 20 July 2016

2 More Packs of Champ's

A couple more packs of Champ's from the LCS.

Pack 1:
Pack #1 yields my first dupe of this set. Fortunately for the set build, the dupe is the gold parallel of Zucker. The short print is Kurri.

Pack 2:
But pack #2 was much better. Firstly, an autograph. This is my second autograph of local product Mark Scheifele, and both are on-card autos. The autos in this product look really nice in hand. To go with it, there's a fish card, a card with my favourite rookie mask of 15-16 (Ullmark's Minion mask) and the big volume member of my 2/14 club in Gaborik. It is almost like I packed this pack myself.

Although I probably would have subbed the poutine food card for the fish. But there's two more packs of Champ's.

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