Sunday 3 July 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 26 - Sunday Surprise

After flipping between two blowout games in which both saw position players on the mound, time to relax and rip a pair of Dollarama Surprise Bag repacks.
And here were the contents of the first one.
The Franchise pack is up first, and unfortunately for me, it was a Leafs pack. But, Spaling is a Kitchener Rangers alum, so I can add that to that binder if this one isn't a dupe. The Mark Osborne is also kinda interesting:
Since the back of it from a Shawn Chambers card. I don't know if 2*3 Heroes love for mis-cut cards extends to wrong card backs, but I'll put it aside for a future mailing for now.
The 2010s pack was really good this time. A '13 Score gold parallel, and a Pinnacle Ice Breakers insert from 11-12 Rookie Anthology. Even better, Brad Malone is still active in the NHL, coming off a pair of seasons in Carolina and moving on to Washington in 16-17. Definitely unexpected repack goodness.
A couple mask binder cards is what I want from the goalie pack, and I got some. With a bonus Sens card.
Nothing for my set build from the Victory pack. But hey, Rico's brother!
Repack #2's contents. I guess something will find a home in that case eventually. I already tried the Oscar Robertson from the group break - it was too thick.
At least there's little doubt who the Superstar is in this pack.
Those 2010s packs were pretty similar. Base card from 15-16 S1, gold parallel, Ice Breaker insert. And this time, it is a Senators hiding behind the etching. Andre Petersson isn't quite Brad Malone, as he managed one game in the NHL, and is back in Europe now. And Teemu is a nice parallel to land in a repack as well.
And to end it, the 70s/80s pack was all 80s,  but at least Sulliman is another Rangers alum.

In a surprising event, the usually weak 2010s pack made this a really interesting purchase.

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  1. Sure - I'll take backs like that Bowman. And damn - that Brian Elliott is a sweet card. Great photo.