Saturday 16 July 2016

The Champ('s) is Here! - Box Break - Packs 16 through 20

The hits ended with yesterday's post. But, that doesn't mean I'm not going to wrap up the box. After all, I'm still due a couple fish cards.

Pack 16:
No fish cards in the first pack, but there's a nice gold parallel of Chris Neil for my Sens PC. Luongo was the SP in this one. I also love the look on the Williams card, as the horizontal photo isn't as tightly cropped as usual, and it allows more of the ice to be shown in the faded format behind him.

Pack 17:
Bergeron SP and Virtanen gold. That's about all of note here.

Pack 18:
There's my second fish card of the box! The Rinne is one of those high # SPs (which differ from the regular SPs as there are only 4 per box). But I got a fish card!

Pack 19:
So, that's my third Derek Forbort card in this box. So, I've got 50 percent of his Champ's rainbow in one box. And I got both rookie Connors in the same box.

Pack 20:
Why not wrap it up with a final fish card? No mention of the Steelhead's status as the team name for an OHL franchise on the card. Boo.

And that's it for my Champ's break. The standard base set is 180, and I'm about halfway to that. I'll try to do some more damage over the next couple weeks and try to post a wantlist.

Back to the dollar store tomorrow!

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  1. Took you long enough to pull a Wolverine! Nice box, buddy. Also, reading "I'm still due a couple fish cards" on a blog about hockey cards is on my list of things I wouldn't have predicted even 10 years ago.