Tuesday 5 July 2016

The View From the Stadium Club

Unlike with Series 2, I managed to get my hands on some cards from this release within a week of it hitting the shelves. 2 packs from the LCS!

I often say that the first card from the first pack is a sign of how much I will enjoy the set.
In spite of the Mets getting scored on, I think I'll enjoy this set.
More great stuff among the remainder of the pack. I really love the Catfish Hunter, since that's not really an angle for a pitcher's photo that makes too many appearances on the cards. The Liriano is a gold parallel.
Pack 2 opened up with the Betts, and continued on with some more nice cards. A Met card will always enhance a pack, even though on the whole there were some more typical baseball card photos in this pack. That Yount card is spectacular enough to bring the average up by a few points though.

And that's two packs of Stadium Club. I can definitely see myself throwing some boxes of this into my cart the next time I trade in some COMC credit for blowout credit.

1 comment:

  1. Somehow this is my first time seeing the Freeman card, nice photo but nothing tops that Lou Brock.