Thursday 14 July 2016

The Champ('s) is Here! - Box Break - Packs 6 through 10

And the hits start coming as I bust my next packs.

Pack 6:
But not quite yet, but the pack did yield another gold parallel and the short-print of Girgensons. It can be nice when a team's retro-ish third jersey makes an appearance on these cards, like on Torey Krug's. The Kyle Okposo, not so much.

Pack 7:
Nice stuff here in an all-vertical card pack. Anything with Lanny McDonald in full mustache is a great card, and Kitchener Rangers alum Radek Faksa also shows up.  Lanny is the short-print in this one.

Pack 8:
And here start the hits. Upper Deck has thankfully not used dummy cards in this release, but it is quite obvious which packs have the relics in them when you're going through the packs, even with the reduced base. Even with reduce base, I did land a SP with the Bennett.

Pack 9:
My only numbered card in the box came from this pack, with the Forsberg being a silver parallel /25. It is also 1/25, so an ebay 1/1 as well. Eberle was the SP in this pack.

Pack 10:
And here's relic #2! It is kinda neat to land a green Canucks swatch, since it isn't one of their primary uniform colours. No SPs, though, to go alongside the rookie relic.

Halfway there!

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