Saturday 30 July 2016

The Stadium Club Experience - Part 2

Part 2 of my 2016 Stadium Club experience, this time with the retired player content.

The scoreboard is so distracting. I suppose I could spend an hour or two at baseball-reference finding out which game this card photo originated from (Let's see, a 9-7 Yankees win against what looks like the Twins, a Baltimore/KC postponement and Koufax pitching a road game).

Thursday, June 4, 1964 looks right. You've got that score on a Yankees/Twins game. You don't have a Baltimore/KC game, but that would have been the 4th game of that series, and there was a double header later in the season, and Koufax was on the hill in Philly, throwing the third no-hitter of his career.

A quick cross-reference with gettyimages...

Los Angeles Dodgers Sandy Koufax mound during game vs Philadelphia Phillies at Connie Mack Stadium. View of scoreboard. Koufax pitches third no-hitter of his career. Walter Iooss Jr. F32 )

That would have been a lot easier if they'd just used the entire photo.

And it took about 10 minutes to work out the source.
There were cards in my first post where the stadium and/or its surroundings were the real stars of the card. This time, while it is a nice photo of Ford that I can't recall seeing on a card before, Yankee Stadium steals the show.

And as a Mets fan, that's about as complimentary as I'll get to a Yankees card.
Amazingly, the two first cards shown were the only ones in this group that were from in game action. I have more batting practice from this shipment than game shots. Mind you, these are all pretty interesting, running the gamut from a sold out stadium to a sparse pre-season game.
Players in suits! Nice try Frank, but last year's card of the Eck was a far nicer card (or at least more interesting card) with somebody's likeness sharing the bill.
No suit, but a perfectly framed card nonetheless.
It really wouldn't be a Stadium Club post without some more B&W images.
And one more, this one another one that could have been cropped a little wider.

But that is such a minor complaint for a set that offers so many great chase cards among the base. There are about a half dozen more that I'd like to add, but those can come whenever, as they sit on the outside of my most wanted list.

When I pull the trigger on those, they'll probably get a post of their own as well.

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