Sunday 17 July 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 28 - More Sunday Surprise

Sunday has become my traditional repack day for the past few weeks. Time to continue it with Surprise Bags from the Dollarama.

Two packs. Two repacks. One Jumbo Pack of 1991 UD, 1 pack of 2010 Victory, 1 70s/80s pack, 1 Superstar pack.
With the Upper Deck pack, the best you could hope for is some keepers. And there were some interesting ones. That Don Gibson is (along with the French parallel) his only NHL level card. So, that's kinda cool. There are a pair of interesting goalie photos as well, even though some might consider the Beezer's photo an example of cross-checking. The Euro Stars inserts were one per jumbo pack.
At least Brian Pitton got a respectable rookie card in this set. Big improvement on his Score card.
I guess Max Pacioretty is the Superstar in that pack. At least Montreal hopes so after the Subban trade.
And once again the 70s/80s pack is limited to 80s card, but that is a nice looking card of the late Doug Wickenheiser. I really liked the double image cards that Topps was using in their hockey and baseball releases at this time.

And there's $2 of repack.

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