Friday, 15 July 2016

The Champ('s) is Here! - Box Break - Packs 11 to 15

More hits as I start the second half of packs.

Pack 11:
And the second half opens up with the autograph that the box promises. While the penmanship is awful, it still looks nice with an on-card autograph. And Forbort is my favourite name to say out loud of the 2015-16 rookie class. Try it! As for the rest, you can't go wrong with a Gretzky appearance. These Traditions inserts fall 1:33, and this one salutes his post warm-up drink ritual of diet pop, ice water, sport drink and another diet pop.

Pack 12:
Well, there's a surprise. A third relic hit from a box that promised two. This also had a SP with the Holtby. I think Lindberg is the rookie I seem to be a magnet for cards from this year.

Pack 13:
The only all-base pack of this group of packs lands me a Sens card. The SP in this was the Voracek.

Pack 14:
Hey, there's my Famous Foods card. I was so hoping for the poutine card. Or Montreal Smoked Meat. For some reason, the poutine card is associated with Ottawa as opposed to Montreal, but I guess they couldn't give two foods to the same city, and it was a lot easier to transfer the one without the actual city name in it than one with. As for the hockey portion, the Jagr is a gold back parallel. The rest were all standard base cards.

Pack 15:
It is back-to-back packs with gold back parallels, as the Neil also falls into that parallel set. And it is a Sens card! Bonus! The Petan SP is the other card of note here.

So, that should be it for the hits, but I still have some fish cards to show off from the final 5.

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