Sunday 31 July 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 29 - Sunday means repacks

Time to catch up with the repacks with some Dollarama stuff. 2 hanger repacks, and a Surprise Bag to wrap things up. And I'm posting all the cards. I'm not sure why.
Here's the content of the first hanger pack. I grabbed this for the Vokoun card for my mask binder. I ended up with two more cards for that collection. The Moog is easily my favourite of these, mainly because I completely blanked on his time with the Habs. And a bonus Cam Neely card as well. Chris Kelleher is kinda interesting as well. He was drafted in 1993 by the Penguins, but didn't reach the NHL until 2001-02, playing one game for the Bruins.
I grabbed this one for the gaudy parallel of Koivu. Among the rest, there's more parallel action with the emerald Tormanen, giving me two keepers with two parallel cards. Among the rest, I like how the 3 of the 4 horizontal cards have the player somehow crouched over. And I'd also completely blanked on Turgeon on the Stars, despite the fact he played 3 seasons there. I assume that Steven Rice card is a dupe for my Kitchener Rangers collection, but it is the Canadian parallel, so it might be a need.
Off to the surprise bag, which had these contents. At least one of my recent McDavid pulls got a new home.
Two out of 4 keeper cards isn't that great for a goalie pack, but both of them are really nice. The unique photo on the Hedberg is my favourite card in this break.
Your HOFer - Langway. Joe Thornton should be a shoe-in as well.
And Couture is the Superstar.

And there you have some more repacks. I still have the flea market repack to get to.

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