Sunday 24 July 2016

Just one pack...of 2015-16 SP Authentic

I'd say this was probably the most anticipated mid-range release of the season among hockey collectors, so maybe I should at least grab one pack.
The base are really nice this year, mainly because it is nice to see some colour to go along with the usual silver background. Two straight years of this.

The packs contain 4 base cards and an insert. I didn't land a hit.
But I did land an Authentic Moments SP card featuring Connor McDavid and Taylor Hall. Now, a slightly awkward acquisition after the trade with the Devils.

But there's the pack!


  1. Sweet glad to see Authentic Moments again this year!

  2. I really dig Authentic this year. Nice clean base card design and some nice inserts. That McDavid/Hall card is really nice.