Friday 22 July 2016

COMC Pick 6: Cards with Dogs

As a dog person, I'm required to pick up cards with any sort of canine reference on them. Here are 6 from my COMC To Be Posted Box.
I don't know if this as far off the mission statement of this post as I can get, but it still fits. An insert from 15-16 Panini Complete from the NBA Cares subset. Most of them feature the players building houses/playgrounds, but here's a nice casual one of Kyle Korver from the Hawks reading to children. And a doggy on the book is enough to count it towards this collection.
Logos also count, as this is my second card featuring the Peoria Chiefs changed logo. James does appear to be out of baseball now.
Danny is still around in baseball, and still in the Mariners system. He's been battling injuries, though, and missed all of '14 due to injuries. Great logo, though.
Moving on to real dogs, with one of those "How did I not already have this card?" cards, as Brian Bogusevic protects the dogs in the stands with a great catch.
And a couple dogs making appearances on hockey cards from the sometimes oddball photos in the Be A Player releases. This is actually the second appearance of dogs on an Uwe Krupp card, as his sled dog training also appeared on a 1992-93 Pinnacle release. This is the first canine card for Curtis, though.

And there you go.

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