Wednesday 13 July 2016

The Champ('s) is Here! - Box Break - Packs 1 through 5

I don't think I've been excited for a hockey release in a long time as Champ's makes it return for the first time since 09-10. And this was actually a pretty good box, as I got above the promised odds on several inserts.

Pack 1:
The set is broken up into 4 groups. 1-180 are the standard base. 181-270 are standard SPs (at a rate of 1 in every 1.5 packs), 271-315 are High # SPs (1 in 5) and Rare SPs are the last 5, (1:600 packs). Parise is a High SP in this pack, and Pavel is the standard SP. The first card theory is tested here as a Leafs card was my first one. It is strange to see Dion as a Leaf, when he already had Senators cards in SP Authentic. But at least I landed a real Senators card.
The back of the cards are pretty standard for the return of the set.

Pack 2:
And now we reach the interesting insert portion in the second pack, as I land a card featuring a  Park Reserve on Vancouver Island. The Evander Kane is a gold front parallel, and these supposedly fall at a rate of 1:10 packs, although my box turned out not to be representative of that.

Pack 3:
All vertical cards in this pack. The Connor McDavid is one of the high SP cards. I guess that's the one I should want most from that group. But, as can be expected from someone who was awaiting this set, it is the oddball SP that is my favourite. Skookum Jim Mason is of the people co-credited with making the Discovery Claim, which lead to the Klondike Gold Rush.

Pack 4:
Just hockey in this one. Staal is a short print, and there's my second standard gold parallel. But two Senators in a pack is nice for me.

Pack 5:
And my first of the fish cards to wrap up this portion of the break. The Esposito is one of the High # SPs.

5 more packs tomorrow!


  1. Wow these look pretty great. I'm definitely happy they brought this set back from the dead! Looking forward to the rest of your box...

  2. I ripped my own box today. Me thinks I need box #2.

    Now, how to convince my wife.....

  3. These are awesome, like a hockey Ginter!

  4. After sorting my box, while my hits weren't super great (Brendan Gallagher auto, Hossa relic (cool) and a rookie relic of de la Rose, I did pull both a case hit (Conn Smyth trophy card (non auto) of Lidstrom, which are one in every 200 packs - a case. Plus a pulled a rare rookie of Ehlers, which falls one in every 3 cases.

  5. Took the words right off of my keyboard. Great stuff.