Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Zellers is closing, so I'll Bust Blasters - Part 9

I'm finally working on the final third of these.

And with the first pack of 6 cards, I already equaled the # of keeper cards from my previous post. Two cards for the goalie mask binder are the highlight. I also love the legends cards that have been lurking in the high numbers of the OPC sets for the past many years. A good start.
I'll probably put the Stamkos card in my misc. binder, since the photo isn't your typical front shot that you see on the Artifacts base cards. Other than that, this is zistle stuff.
A great picture of the front of JS Giguere's half-and-half Ducks mask. The small picture on the back is even better. That one was a sure keeper. Ditto for the one where Steve Downie looks like he's getting a knee to the groin. Jed Ortmeyer is in a care package off to a Michigan alum collector. Another pack with the same # of notable cards than all 4 packs in the previous post.
And the final one of the post again has 3 notable cards. The Madden is joining the Jed Ortmeyer in the care package. Clemmensen is off to the mask binder, and Potvin will go in the misc binder. Definitely a hot pack for the NY/NJ area though.

No complaints about this foursome of packs. With a trio of personal keepers, the first OPC pack wins this round.

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