Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Daily Mailbag Reduces my List by 2

A couple of envelopes arrived in the mail today, filled with sports-cardy goodness. One was from a trade over on zistle. The other from an ebay purchase. Except for one card, both had nothing in it but cards that fit into my various personal collections.

This was actually the only one of the dozen cards that isn't, at least at this point, bound for a binder. As of now, it is merely in a hard toploader, in the box(es) devoted to cards I love, but don't want to display in binder format. My quest for the 1991 Joe Carter traded cards from the major companies is now completed with the addition of this card. It is the only regular season home shot of the bunch.

Also coming in from zistle land was this one for my 2/14 binder:

This 2/14 project has made me into collectors of players that I imagine that I'm the only person who is an intentional collector of them. Dave Lowry. Patrick Ramsey. Tyus Edney. Takashi Saito.

What wrapped up this little envelope of zistleness? More cards for my Delgado binder.
I was certain I'd already added that 2010 card, but it turns out it was the one from the Mets team set as opposed to the regular base set Carlos. No problem. They weren't going to be neighbours in that binder anyhow. Everything else was added into their new home among the other Delgados in my collection.

Now, off to the other envelope.

Seeing as I go cheap, it was kinda strange for me to request a dual relic card in my Top 10. Yet, it really is the holy grail for the 2/14 binder. A double relic with both players qualifying as Valentine's Day babies. My first Marian Gaborik relic combined with a Milan Hejduk relic make the ideal centerpiece card for the front page on the binder.
It's like Upper Deck was looking into the future when making the 07-08 MVP set, and managed to read my mind as to what I would think would be the ideal card for me in 2013.

Actually, there were several Hejduk cards available from this ebay seller, and I added a couple more to my library as well.
A nice multi-colour relic.
And an autograph.


  1. Nice finds!

    Do you collect only Hejduk or Av's in general? I should have a number of both (some Hejduk, quite a bit in terms of Av's). I'd welcome a trade.


  2. I collect players that I share a birthday with (2/14). So, Milan Hejduk falls into that category. He's easily the most prominent person in terms of volume in the 2/14 binder, to the point I might actually have to slow down a bit on acquiring his cards.