Friday, 4 January 2013

December Show Dime Box Goodies - Part 2

OK. So this wasn't from a dime box. It actually worked out to 4 for a dime once you'd calculate it through.
I picked up a box of 1987 Fleer minis. The complete set of 120 for $3. They are definitely a neat pick up, and the photos were actually different than the main set. Most of the ones in this are generic posed shots, and it is interesting to compare the two. For example, Don Aase looks far less like someone's Grandpa on his mini card.

My favourite of the bunch is Rob Deer's. A nice posed shot with the Green Monster in the background.

My only complaint:
The box promised 18 logo stickers. All I got was 1 (Atlanta).

Staying with the minis, I also grabbed some Mets.
A nice Moises Alou.

Plus a quartet of 1987 Mets.

But, I'm not going to stay with the minis. The regular sized cards were well represented. In fact, I added one that quickly became one of my favourite card photographs.

I always find it more appealing when the amazing photographs appear on cards of non-marquee players. And what better way to follow up a beautiful picture than with one of the more infamous horrible photos.
Yikes! How many children were traumatized by pulling this one from their wax packs in '88?


  1. I'd take those minis for three bucks all day long.

    And that Harnisch is spectacular, I'd never seen that one before. Stadium Club really featured some awesome photography back in the day.

    Nice pickups!

  2. I have to check under my bed every night for Tom Henke.

  3. I need to check to make sure Tom Henke isn't registered in my neighborhood. That dude needs to be far away from any school.