Monday, 28 January 2013

Masked Mondays - Week #3

Before I start with three more members of the mask binder, I've added a new team to my hockey card cleanup giveaway. Even if it's mainly overproduction era cards, I'm sure a box filled with Mario Lemieux cards won't last long. I've added the Penguins to the Whalers/Canes and the Islanders. I'm certain this one won't last long. The box is about the same size as the Islanders or Blues box. Give a comment over there if you want them, with no need to send anything at all in return.

Edit: Barely an hour for the Pens, as expected.

OK. Off to the masks of the week.

I'm finding lots of neat mid 90s cards for the mask binder as I go through boxes looking and sorting by teams for the giveaway. This one is just perfect. Firstly, you get a nice shot of an Abominable snowman mask from Garth Snow, which is kinda surprising not to see on a mask that isn't an Avs one. But, it fits his last name. As does the veritable blizzard of snow that covers pretty much the entire bottom half of the card. Everything is in perfect synchronization on this card.

Staying with the Flyers:
Here's one I pulled from a 3 for $1.00 bin at a show just over a week ago. A nice textured card. Something different.

Even a card from 1980 can qualify for the binder if has a great photo on the front of it. A star spangled mask is great for a member of the Capitals. A shame that the OPC "Now with Oilers"  appears on the bottom of it. A beauty from a dime box.


  1. I would love to have the box featuring the Penguins cards.