Sunday, 20 January 2013

2 thin dimes

The bad news is that the card show today had many hockey dime bins but none of the baseball variety. Still, that meant significant dents in the hockey portion of my want lists. As well as my 2012 WWE Heritage set.

The good news was that there were many X for $1 baseball bins, and I did grab some interesting 80s cards out of there. Most interestingly, I came across as 5 for $1.00 bin that had a whopping 8 autographed Gary Redus cards. I knew that among the bloggers that someone would give that grouping of cards a far better home than a dealer's bin in Ontario. So, I picked them up and will send them off on Monday.

But, two thin dimes also picked up my favourite single card of the day.

It might not have the "Congratulations!" on the back, but it is still a great card for me!

PS: In case you think I'm funning about the 8 Redus cards:

For completion's sake, here's the final card from the 5 for a dollar bin:

Future Mets are always fine by me.


  1. The Gary Redus autofest is insane. Very cool at 5 for $1!

  2. That Beltran is a heavy, heavy card. Whew. I think I'll pluck my eyes out and soak them in warm water.

    BTW, I've been looking for a Mets and Senators recipient for a trade, however simple. Yes?