Thursday, 10 January 2013

Trade w/ Nick @ Dime Boxes

Just before the holidays, I sent a few of my dime box finds off to the guru of dime boxes. The return package arrived on Monday. Let's dig right in:

It is always nice to add a new card into my Delgado collection. And boy, doesn't that back photo look so much better than the photo on the front? Although I'd guess whichever player that was that the former catcher barreled over might disagree with me.

I'd mentioned my birthday binder in the trade. Sure enough, there were some more additions to that:
Every time I come across one of his cards, I'm always puzzled why Dravecky doesn't show up in the retro themed sets. He's got an interesting story, so why not include him? At least it would acknowledge that somebody other than Tony Gwynn played for the Padres in the past.

You know I'm feeling kind when my favourite card for the new binder is a Yankee. With that great photo, it is hard to refuse. Plus, my love for goalie masks extends into baseball when there's somewhat of a design on the side of it. Although any catcher not named Charlie O'Brien will likely always be on the inside looking out when it comes to my goalie masks binder.

Even though he'd often break my heart when I'd travel to the Stade to cheer on the visiting Mets, you can't go wrong with sending me some Vlad.

That Dugout Axxess card might be among the spring trainiest cards ever.

Wrapping up the cards, some random Mets:

and random Blue Jays.
I'd completely forgotten about Greg Myers' second go around with the Jays.

Thanks for the great cards! If I hadn't had some group break stuff arrive today, I might be able to resume some sort of regular posting schedule.


  1. Glad you liked everything!

    That Stinnett is an awesome card, but I figured it'd be better in your hands than mine.

    Thanks for the trade!

  2. That Alex Escobar is awesome.