Monday, 7 January 2013

A busy mail day

Lots of goodies came in the mail today. Goodies from a trades came in. Two in fact. One from Nick from the Dime Box, in exchange for some dime box finds of my own. Another one came in from Doc's Closet, in return for making his wantlist for 1990 Donruss less pathetic. Also, a nice two pack of cards from 2*3 Heroes' Tis the Season came in a PWE, as well as the cards from Shoebox Legends' Draft.

Plus a Upper Deck Hockey Masterpieces base set from ebay.

As Bobby Heenan was wont to say, my mailman is hunchbacked from carrying my (fan) mail.

I'll start with the cards from Uncle Doc. Simply for the reason that all of them were the closest to me. Since I was sending 1990 set filler, I really didn't want anything major in return. I simply said that random Mets from the 00s would be fine. Random Mets ended up giving me some really nice cards.

I think this Al Leiter card might be my favourite of the grouping. It is just a fun, different shot, and I always love coming across those. The best thing about is the back. Specifically, the little factoid at the bottom of the card.
I was in attendance for that game in Montreal. It is really a pleasant surprise to see something I saw in person mentioned on a card. I don't really have a binder for that (and if I did, the only things in it would be the Wrestlemania 18 mat relic and the card that mentions Verlander's no-hitter in Toronto), but maybe it can reach page status in one of my misc. binders.

If not for that mention of the 4-18-02 game, I'm thinking that nice, shiny Alfonzo Fleer card would have taken first place. It is a nice, thick card that features one of my favourite Mets.
Another contender was this Hernandez card. Can't go wrong with any flashback to the '86 team!

It is going to be really nice to be cheering for Jose again when he rolls into Toronto this season.
Every time I come across a Michael Young card, I lament Esteban Loaiza. Victor Zambrano came close to doing that for Scott Kazmir. When Victor made his debut with the Blue Jays coming out of the bullpen, some of the fans in my seating area were excited. Until I pointed out that it wasn't Carlos, and that his performance during his Mets years was sketchy at best.
Why wrap this up with Bruce Chen? I'm not sure, but the fact that wikipedia tells me that he's only 35 years old blew my mind. It just seems like he's been playing forever. Must be all the teams he's played for. I'd completely forgotten he'd made a stop with the Jays farm system at one point until wiki reminded me.

So, that's one envelope down. 1 box, and 3 more to go! Plus some group break stuff that has yet to arrive.

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