Monday, 14 January 2013

Masked Mondays - Week 1

Since the mask binder has finally hit its 51st page over the weekend, it is probably time to start showcasing the goodies within on a semi-regular basis. So, since I've got a thing for alliteration, Monday seems to  be the best day to do this. The only rules are that no two card of the same player or from the same design appear on the same page, excepting hits. Other than that, the rules of hockey only and no plain masks are guidelines, but I've made exceptions in the past for both.

And we're off:

2011-12 Between The Pipes Autographs - Olaf Kolzig
Source: Listia (2700ish credits)

Yeah, in terms of the credit to dollar ratio I probably did overpay, but the cost drops down once the free shipping is worked in to the equation. But it is an autographed card with a nice mask picture, so its not that hard to pass on.  Olaf was nicknamed Godzilla, and he worked that into his mask with the Tokyo-destroying creature prominently featured on it. This is one of several cards of Kolzig and his Godzilla mask that are in the binder. He's the only one with more than 1 "hit", as I've also got a /99 of him.

2002-03 Upper Deck Steve Shields #258
Source: Sportlots (18 cents)
I've confessed my love for the Steve Shields salute to the classic Gerry Cheevers mask in the past. Here's another shot if with a better shot of the front and just a hint of the full head that wraps around the side. I've only got 3 other cards of Steve in the binder. 2 of this mask, and the other being his almost-as-great mask with San Jose. I've really got to get one of his toothy Anaheim mask.

2002-03 Upper Deck Classic Portraits Johan Hedberg #79
Source: Sportlots (18 cents)
When Johan was playing with the Manitoba Moose of the AHL, he was traded to, and immediately called up to the Penguins. He didn't have a Penguins mask with him, so he kept using the AHL one. The nickname of Moose stuck, and he's kept the motif with him through his career. When he went on to New Jersey, the mask took an obvious devilish shift. There are quite a few cards with the moose in it, mostly from his time with the Thrashers.

One week down, many more to come.

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