Thursday, 3 January 2013

December Show Dime Box Goodies - Part 1

When I went to this show, my goal was to get some wanted cards for my birthday and goalie mask binders. That mission failed with spectacular non-results, save for a few hits for the former. It was actually a bit busier than my previous times there, and there were a couple of unexpected 5000 ct baseball dime boxes. That's a rarity for shows in Ontario, so I dug right in.

If 'dire' were a condition, this card would most certainly qualify for that grade. But, I'd much rather have a 1974 Willie Stargell in this condition that to not have one. Plus, I can add it to my misc. binder and upgrade should I so desire.
And doesn't he look happy to be off to the Royals?

That's all the baseball for now. I'm gonna cycle through all the other hockey cards I picked up that day.

A quartet of heritage/Vintage Daniel Alfredssons for my Alfie collection. My fave of the bunch is 1966 look.
Another not-exactly-mint card, this time a guy who might be better known for his time behind the scenes with Buffalo as opposed to his time on the ice.
One for the oddball uniforms binder.
I bet this guy hated the disco era. "No. I'm not with Bee Gees. I spell it with an 'S'. Here, look at my license.". Even googling this guy's name, spelled correctly, brings up a mix of stuff for him, and stuff for Barry Gibb. At least his wiki entry now comes first. For now.
But this my favourite. The Hammer! The man who holds the record for PIM in a single season. 472 minutes worth of chaos! A Broad Street Bully! Guest referee at Slamboree 1994! Retro parallel! For a dime! YES!

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  1. Spectacular find on the '74 Stargell for a dime! I had to pay a whole lot more than that for my copy.