Sunday, 27 January 2013

Zellers is closing, so I'll Bust Blasters - Part 11

Just a reminder that if you're a Whalers/Canes or an Islanders fan, you can pick up a box of cards here, with no trade expected in return. Other teams will go up as the months progress. The only teams I can say with certainty that won't appear will be the Original Six teams, as I did a dump of those recently.

Business done, let's get on with 4 of the 8 remaining packs.

This one loses points for coming out of the package with dinged corners. But it gets redeemed with a great Huet card for the mask binder, and an Alfredsson card for my PC of his.
3 cards for the mask binder. 2 for a Michigan care package. And Jason Pominville. Finding homes for 5 of the 6 cards is pretty good.
2 more mask cards. Toskala wasn't much to write home about in Toronto, but at least his mask was great. Nabokov is a good card for the mask binder as well.  It's a subset card that salutes late round draft picks. I didn't pay much attention to this subset until I saw this card, but it did inspire me to order the Alfredsson card from that subset as part of a COMC order.
Nothing for my PC here (3 Ilya cards and not one with a decent mask shot) but shiny cards are always fun pulls.

4 more packs to go!

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