Friday, 18 January 2013

The Mailbag Brings 2 Sets Closer to Completion

Another day of mailbag fun. While the earlier one this week helped out some of my personal collections, today's goodies went towards some of my set building.

Firstly, let's start with the one from Baseball Dad @ ALL TRIBE BASEBALL. This one goes back to a card giveaway from late November.

A sweet Larry Walker relic for my personal collection of Canadians in Major League Baseball. One of the best to be enshrined in St. Mary's.

But there were some bonus cards in there as well.
When it knocks two cards off your list needed to complete a set that has long had empty slots in its binder, its a great addition to any envelope.

But wait! There's more! A pack of 2003 Super Estrellas also came my way. What treats would this package contain?

A Carlos Delgado for my Delgado binder, and another camouflaged Padres card for my collection of different jerseys. Whenever packs yield cards that can go right into specific binders, that's always great.

The second set building pack came from Angels in Order, in trade for a trio of Salmons.

My 2012 Bowman Platinum base set dipped down into single digits with the addition of these 5:

I'd acquired 2 of the Bautista parallels, but never the main base card. And those tend to be a smidgen on the ridiculously priced side in this neck of the woods.
And 3 more 1990 Topps cards, which knocked that set need list to 2, both of which are tentatively on the way. It may have taken almost 23 years, but that filling in the last of the binder is gonna be a sweet moment.

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