Tuesday, 1 January 2013

COMC Black Friday Goodies Finally Arrive - Part 3

I always love adding cards that commemorate events that I've seen in person. They had several mat relic cards from Wrestlemania 18. There were also ones for Angle/Kane and Rock/Hogan. Although the latter match featured the hottest audience I'd ever been a part of, I really didn't want to part with $10 for that one. So, I elected on this one, which was the more interesting match of the remaining relics.
Another one bit the dust off my wantlist, and it was another additional to the Alfredsson binder. I'll always love the cards that incorporate the team's hometown into the design.
Although technically, they play out Kanata as opposed to Ottawa proper. But I can't imagine a traffic jam on the Queensway would be aesthetically pleasing.
Doug Flutie! This was another one I had my eyes on for a bit. And the last QB to put the Bills in the playoffs. Ugh.
A suitably strange Bruce Smith card from Metal Universe.

Not strange enough? OK.
Much better.

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