Monday 25 April 2022

Mailbag: 2/14s from Ann Arbor


Off to the mailbag today, and yet another in a series of amazing packages that arrive from Michigan every so often. I'm breaking this one down into two posts. Today, I'm showing off the 2/14 stuff. Next post, all the other stuff!
There was only one baseball card in this portion, but it is an upgrade from the usual 'none', since the two b-ball sports are the sparsest in the collection. Even if this didn't have an autograph to go alongside this, I would still be chasing this down just for one of the more unique photos in the collection.
The only hockey 2/14ers is a new plate of Nikolaj Ehlers. UD changed how they release plates in their flagship sets recently, moving from having one of each in the actual sets, to uniting all 4 in booklet format. Which makes acquiring them harder, but they're more special with all of them together. Decisions. Decisions. Fortunately, insert sets, like this Canvas, remain separate.

Back to the gridiron after the lead-in card (a 2002 Bowman's Best red /200), here's 5 more numbered, and shiny cards of Drew Bledsoe. Clockwise from the upper left, there's a 1999 Elite Insert /2500, an Xfractor from 2006 Finest, before returning to Elite from 2001 Primary Colors /975, and Career Best gold /500, and regular /1000.

I had to double check those for the print runs, but nothing else will need checking in this post. Nothing but plates!
Jadeveon Clowney leads the way from 2019 Score.
While I'm not sure whether I like the booklet form used by UD for flagship plates, I definitely like the use of the regular card back design on the back, complete with the 1 of 1. While it isn't a problem here, I guess cataloguing which colour plate it is might be a problem with some images. 
These two plates (2013 Score, 2015 Finest) give me 129 cards of Alshon Jeffery in the ol' collection. 
David Garrard will probably be the next player to move into the triple-digits in the collection, with his count currently at 95, bumped up by these two plates. Interestingly, I've got 3 plates with this image of Garrard, but none come from the same set. The top one is from Chrome, the bottom is out of Kickoff, and there's a third one out of Topps' flagship release. I assume that one came from a mailer from Dennis as well. 

There you have it! 

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  1. Dennis and his plates. It never ceases to amaze me at just how many of those he seems to come in to.