Sunday 24 April 2022

Always Room for Chronicles


Another retail two-fer!

I'll start with baseball, and it is Gerrit Cole leading the way. Since I filed this away without scanning the back, the Did You Know is "Gerrit's brother-in-law is San Francisco SS Brandon Crawford". 
Here's the remainder of the 'paper' portion of this. Hobby packs only contain 1 card from these sets, with more of the foil. It is nice to add a few of these to fatten up some of the other sets that are a part of this set. That Braxton Garrett entry seems to be following me around.
The super-thick  America's Pastime card. All ready to rip up a 9-pocket page.
And its contrasting acetate card, also one-per-pack. These particular colour scheme scans horribly, so I have to point out that this is a Taylor Walls card.
The foil cards. Mets content! And you have an example of what should always happen on cards with multiple images on the front - more than one uniform.
Finally, the pink parallel. The filter used on the photo makes me hope Overdrive is one-and-done.

Off to the basketball!

Prestige is the opener here. Its only appearance in baseball was for autographs. 
Paper base. While I'm already doubling up with Killian Hayes, there is more than one player here that will make future appearances. I thought that Pokusevski was a dupe, thanks to his memorable derpy face in the picture, but it was a green parallel I'd already picked up out from a second retail pack. 
Here's the Score portion of the hanger packs. 2 cards - can't complain about getting the top 2 draft picks in the year's release.

Unlike with Cole, at least I remembered to scan the backs for the factoids this time. Edwards' house pet situation is the easy winner of this two.
Just like with the Scores, bronze parallels are exclusive to hanger packs. The repeat players continue, but I can't complain about a Curry.
More repeat players with the foil. If only second-year, on-the-Raptors cards of Precious were as easy for me to acquire.
And, of course, I triple up on the Killian Hayes for the pack finale.

Nice cards, not-so-nice collation.

There you have it!


  1. Nice pull in that NBA pack. A couple of Dame, Steph, and Edwards.

  2. Nope, can't get used to Chronicles and their multi-design format, coupled with just a fraction of the league's players. But hey, I got some of the basketball because of retail-starvation. Thanks for showing them off!