Saturday 23 April 2022

Baseball Miscellany

 Might as well wrap up the rest of the sportlots mailbox package with the baseball stuff.
This one had been on my wantlist for a long time, intended for the 2/14 binders. After waiting around way too long for it to show up on COMC so I decided that I'd finally get it from an alternate source. It might not be as artsy as other Gallery releases, but that set is finally making an appearance in the collection.  I guess Yermin's 2021 card might give it company later this year.
I'm sure all the players  photographed in such fine attire wish these sets weren't overproduced at the level they were. It makes burning all the evidence so much harder.
Obscure Mets card alert!
Topps Fusion was Panini Chronicles before Chronicles was even thought of. Keppel would only be a Mets minor leaguer, and he'd wait until 5 years after this card to make his debut, in 2006 for the Royals. 
Obscure Mets deserve obscure Blue Jays as well. Scott Burrell would be a top prospect, albeit in the NBA. He'd play for some Jays minor league affiliates, but would play in almost 400 NBA games, mostly with Charlotte, but also winning a championship as part of the 1998 Bulls. So, probably the right decision on his part. 
I received the Mets/David Wright version of this in a trade with Night Owl, might as well add the Toronto version as well.
Propaganda poster card. Movie poster card. Either way, they're interesting new additions to the Jays collection.
Another card that was on my watchlist for a bit, one of a handful of cards that featured Tim Raines Sr as an Oriole. All 4 games worth. 
Jim Fanning approves!

And there you have it!


  1. Well, yeah - I vaguely remembered Burrell as a Bull. Did not know he played pro baseball.

  2. Desmond looks like he's getting ready to audition for Bell Biv DeVoe. Looks like he's managing in the Appalachian League these days. If I was him, I'd be showing off that card and telling my players that if they work hard, they too can have their own cool baseball card.