Sunday 17 April 2022

Beautiful (Game) 2/14 Cards

 Another COMC mailer, and this time, soccer was the star of the sporting world.

Just for the rarity of them, adding cards of sporting ladies are one of my favourite things to  do for the collection. Erica Skroski plays for a team called Gotham FC, which just makes me think she's going to get kidnapped by The Penguin in trade for the ransom of a diamond-studded umbrella.
With Erica being the first woman soccer player in the collection, I might as well scan the back of the card too.
Every player in this post is making their debut in the 2/14 binders. Sander Berge's 2 Prizm cards make him the only one with 2 entries.
Chronicles! Still a lot of fun even if it isn't a sport I collect outside this PC. These are both parallels as well, with Weissman being an Xtra Points Purple Astro parallel, with Garcia being a more obviously-named Orange parallel.

Of course stickers count!

A few more miscellaneous cards.

And because I am eternally immature, I do have to point out that the number of the Dezotti card is 69. Nice!

There you have it!

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