Saturday 30 April 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 13 - Saturday Surprise


Much like with the hangers posted last week, it has been too long since I've busted one of these.

I didn't do a 'contents' scan this time, so I'll list them instead. One pack pf 1998 Collector's Choice, and 3-card repacks with the 1000-pt, Canadian Team and 2010s.
The Swedish stuff can be interesting, since I'm not really expecting to get anybody I've heard of and am more interested in the uniqueness of busting the pack, and the international uniforms. But hey, there's an early Sedin in there, elevating this pack.
I'm promised a single 1000pt player among the three, and that's Vincent Damphousse in this group. Taylor Hall seems to have returned to his expected levels, so he might get there eventually too. 
My Canadian team was the Jets, and we get both eras of hockey in Winnipeg saluted here. I guess Janney's card is technically a Coyotes one, but it does to a good job, at least for this pack, of highlighting that there are two different runs for hockey in Winnipeg.
And finally, the 2010s portion. Food issue and a helmetless in-game photo. At least that's an interesting way to end the repack, enhanced by the fact I've never opened a Tim's pack. Ever. That seems sacrilegious to admit how few times this Canadian has walked into a Tim Horton's. 

But there you have it!  

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