Sunday 10 April 2022

Basketball Miscellany

 Today, it is the basketball portion of the Sportlots mailer I'd started earlier.

Here's one I've been looking for a while, given my desire to acquire at least one card of everybody who got one as a Raptor. Arroyo had a 10 year career that started with a 17 game stint. This would end up not being just his only card as a Raptor but his only card for the first 2 years of his career. He'd start getting them regularly with Utah. 

Bonus! The team logo is in the background! 
It isn't Heritage! It is Tradition! We flashback to 1989 Fleer here, and one of my favourite all-time Raptors in the Junkyard Dog in the format. It is a nice photo, even if the blurry background makes it seem like they just photoshopped in a generic background as opposed to real in-game footage.
2-14 guy! 
While this card doesn't acknowledge the localness of Jamal Murray to me, and henceforth the reason that I PC him, it does acknowledge his Canadian-ness. Which is enough to make it one of my favourite non-hits in his PC. Yesterday, it was announced that he'd be unlikely to return to action for Denver during the playoffs. Good news for prices for additions to the PC, but horrible news for absolutely anything else related to him.

There you have it!

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