Saturday 9 April 2022

A Whole Bunch of Senators

 Another COMC package shows up, and in terms of volume, the Senators were the highlight this time. But since it has been too long since I've done a Senators post, there's more than one source this time. 

Such as this Game-Dated Moments card. I'd been hoping to see at least one Senators card show up in the set this year, so I pounced when this Mads Sogaard card appeared. I got especially lucky that I ended up with one of the gold parallels, with a print run of 100. So I'll also have this rare parallel when I get the regular card in hand. 

And my first Eugene Melnyk patch card, too.
While I do like that they didn't re-use the photos twice on the front, the base card photos are so boring this year, there is nothing that wouldn't look out of place on an O-Pee-Chee or MVP card. 
Ottawa did get 4 Young Guns, and the group break did land me 3 of them, missing out on Shane Pinto's debut. My fave here is the Cole Alsing, who not only makes his collection debut for me, but he (and Dadonov above) allows me to get some 'Sickos' content in the collection.
At least the Canvas parallels are interesting.
Generic inserts!
While I did strike out on landing Shane Pinto's YG card, I did get his MVP rookie card cheaply because of their commonness on COMC thanks to epacks.
If e-pack content is your thing, there's a lot of that still to come. Here's two scanner beds worth of two seasons of Compendium. I miss this, if for no reason other than the deep checklist. Although OPC, and more recently, Extended has eliminated that in recent years.
E-pack also brought the Josh Norris content into the collection as well, and another scanner bed worth of content. Only the middle card is from a release this season. At least with all these cards making their first appearance, I'll know that future appearances will mean cards to be sent off to Ann Arbor.
While they do get a little costlier than Norris' entries, there are still plenty of chances to add some Tim Stützle content as well. 
Of course AHL cards count! Why wouldn't they? Especially when these are probably as close as I am going to get for cards of Shaw and Goloubef in the collection. Filip has started to receive his rookie cards with the Senators this year, and it looks nice here with the matching red parallel. 
One last bit of shininess, on a Spectrum parallel, before leaving e-packs behind.
Let's leave them behind with a couple swatches coming from one of my favourite insert sets - City Lights from Pinnacle. Sure, you get the 1993 Leaf-ish fronts with a cityscape instead of the actual background for the photo.
But the back is also city-themed!  Even if it looks like the giant player is set to crush the city.

There you have it!


  1. Wow, I had completely forgotten about Mike Brodeur. Nice Senators cards.

  2. What is that Sogaard card from? Is it a print on demand or similar given how recent it is?

    I collect cards of Danish NHL'ers (used to live there). He is one I would need to add an NHL card from. Who knows if he will get another. Thanks.

    1. Print on demand through UD, although the regular ones are limited to /999. I'd wager on him showing up as a rookie in one of the early 22-23 releases (MVP, O-Pee-Chee).