Thursday 24 June 2021

More Set Building

This will probably be the last of my 2021 Score purchases in box/pack form before I make the pivot to singles to finish off the set. Will there be damage done to the wantlist?
Yup! Here's some veteran content that dropped off the list. While a couple big names are on this list, I really like that Kendall Fuller. Eyes wide as the interception just perfectly floats into his hand, with the intended receiver having the "Oh shit" look on his face.
And some rookie needs as well. For some reason, the Justin Fields base cards continue to avoid me. I only need 3 to finish that portion of the base set, and 2 of the 3 are of him.
What do those promised purple parallels look like? Like this. Of course, that Woodson is already set aside for the latest mailer I'll be sending to Ann Arbor. 
I guess these are retail exclusive to the hanger boxes. I watched a few youtube breaks of these boxes and one of these red dot /460 parallels showed up in each of them. Brett Favre isn't a bad player to be a magnet for in this product, even though this parallel isn't on par with the first one I landed.

The inserts were the same sets that were seen in the previous retail break. That is a very impressive trio when you're thinking of defenders over Bears team history. 
And the inserts brought me not just one, but a pair of new Josh Allen additions to the Bills PC. 

With this post, my want list drops to a super reasonable 30 cards. If you're looking for something to send my way in trade, some of those would be nice!


  1. The Fuller photo is good. Love seeing retired greats as always. Good pull and post.

  2. Nice Favre. Loved that rivalry between Favre and that 49ers defense featuring Dana Stubblefield and whoever that other Niner defensemen is.

  3. Thanks for showing off the cards!