Thursday 17 June 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 23.4: Baseball Time

The final quarter does start with my favourite of the 4 visible cards. Can't go wrong with a new Joey Bats for the ol' PC.
Nice stuff in the opening group. A Met. A bunt card, and there's also a set I've never heard of prior to finding the card in this repack - Fleer Authority. 

Despite spending a few seasons there, I really don't ever think of Eck as being a member of the Cubs. Ah, 1995 Fleer. Stay hideous.

Even though it isn't really his rookie card, that Chipper Jones was certainly an unexpected card in a repack. The Canadian content in this isn't just that Rick Leach card, but the Leaf of Hrbek in all its bilingual glory. While the earlier Mets card was a dupe, this one's new.  

More nice stuff in the final group to make a for a pretty good repack. I'll give the nod here to the Jones for the sheer surprise of having it pop up.


  1. Chipper, Eck, Samuel, and Oquendo are my favorites.

  2. Fleer had so many weird sets that lasted one year. I'd never heard of Fleer Authority. It's a silly name for a card set. And, yes, Fleer 1995 is a stand out set... for all the wrong reasons.