Tuesday 15 June 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 23.2: Baseball Time


Looks like both the front and back of this repack portion had a Bowman car as the visible one.

The appearance of two consecutive 1989 Fleers continues here with a pair of Mets. And while they're dupes for that team PC, I won't be complaining about an extra Mookie here and there. Tradition might not be Heritage, but it is close enough for this post.

Does a minor league Jays card count towards the Jays team PC? Of course it does. Again, I must point out this is not the serial killer Paul Runge, nor the umpire. If I don't get an actual major league level Jay in this group, the father of one will also work.

A pair of Wilsons in this 25 car portion, with both (step)father and son appearing. There's Expos content as well, and a grouping of 3 "I did not expect that set in a repack" ends with a nice design from SP Authentic. More 1989-two-in-a-rows, the Ray Kroc patch, and a turning-two-Bip makes the junk wax era ending interesting.

There you have it! Next up, I'll see what's lurking behind that Mondesi.


  1. That Kruk rookie card with the Ray Kroc patch is a great looking card. I've seen it numerous times... but never took the time to appreciate it until now.

  2. The Moreland is my favorite amongst these. That photo is a good shot. Fun post.