Sunday 27 June 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 26 - Some Basketball

 I know I've been recapping a lot of repacks as of late. Blame COMC for being 2 months behind on sending my latest shipment. (At least they refunded the 'rushed' shipping) It should arrive on July 5th, so I'll have some cards I actually picked out myself to show off instead of busted ones. 

20 basketball cards today! A Celtics card on top, even if Kyrie's time with Boston wasn't exactly too memorable in retrospect. 

With Knicks cards from that era, I always find myself scanning the courtsiders to see if the Menendez boys took in any more games while they were in New York. I had never heard of Evers Burns before pulling his card. Playing 22 games can do that. But I do remember Antonio Davis, and he's providing a new Raptors card for that PC. It is always appropriate when someone with the last name Green suits up for Boston. 
A little higher end with a couple base cards here, as Brilliance and Finest appear. That Hastings card does look pretty bland, but there's something nice hiding on the back.
Bubble blowing! It might not be Kurt Bevacqua, or even Joel Otto, but is a little something nice for what would otherwise be a very common card.

With the Atlanta Hawks currently on their best playoff run in ages, there's a flashback to their less-memorable years with that Josh Smith. Not only do I get a Raptors card in this, but their expansion cousins also appear with that Grizzlies card. Canadiana Perfection!
And the other visible card, which really didn't matter since I ordered these directly from the company, is a 2/14 baby. I was certain that I already had this card in my collection - how could I not, it seems fairly common. But I had the autographed parallel of this, but not the actual base card. That's back-to-back repacks with new 2/14 content contained within. This will be my 18th card of Mullens. 

Another really nice repack, with some PC content along with a couple interesting cards. 


  1. Cheeks as a Knick is weird.

    I'm surprised there aren't more celebrity courtside appearances. The only other one I know about is Paula Abdul and Kadeem Hardison on a Greg Grant card, and I'm not even totally sure it's really them.

  2. Definitely seen better cards. It went downhill after Kyrie, which is my favorite of the group, but still fun.

  3. I would have only needed 4 cards from this repack (Green, Boozer, Josh Smith and the Raptor, who is so small I can't make out who it is) but it's been so long since I've done any repacks that I would have relished it all just the same.