Monday 14 June 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 23.1: Baseball Time


I suppose I could have recapped my hobby box of S2, but that's not quite collated yet. So, let's spend 4 days with this at 25 cards a day!

A better look at the opening card. Cal's still doing the MILB thing, at the AA level. 

The first batch after that opener is 7/8th what I expected from this, with the Pena being the junk wax outlier. Expos content and Mets content is always nice, even if the latter is a dupe. I'm surprised that Score didn't have an even slightly more-flattering photo of Dykstra than that mugshot quality one.

Not just any start to this group, but the finest one possible. There's a theme in this repack, and that's of 1989 Fleer cards beside each other, and with them also being sequentially numbered ones as well. Despite the Expos content, and other team content in this group, that great view of that patch on the Comer makes it my fave in this post.

Was that 40/40 Canseco a chase card at the time? Because I can imagine it being one. Some Heritage, from when I built the complete set, a mail-in card, and a flashback to when Opening Day meant Donruss, not Topps gives some nice variety to the final grouping.

25 more cards tomorrow!


  1. Canseco wins the round. I remember him doing it, but I don't remember the card.

  2. The '82 Donruss and the Finest Hudson stand out so far. Hope to see some more outliers like those.