Sunday 6 June 2021

2021 Score Box Break - Pack 10

 How grand will the finale be?

It was a really solid photographic pack, and it started off with an odd photo for a QB. You've seen throwing, you've seen scrambling, but there really aren't too many sliding QB pictures. 

The beauty of an extreme close-up photo on a receiver.
Interesting collation sees a photo of a defender with the ball, alongside one of a defender about to be with the ball. 

A couple of "not touching the ground" pictures. Those were nice, but...
Mark Brunell taking the air wins the battle of that genre.

Overall though, I have to give the nod to this. So much here. The featured player is in the background, but it loses nothing in that with the ball coming right at the camera and it seeming like Elway is threading the needle here. Also, the patch dates this photo to Super Bowl 33, giving it a historic quality as well..
Your last batch of inserts. Evidently, James Washington celebrates TDs by taking a Death Valley Driver from JuJu Smith-Schuster..
And the final parallel is also an insert. Smith was a 1st round pick, 10th overall, by the Eagles. Not a bad way to end this box.

Even without the Favre auto in the opening pack, a solid box, even though it couldn't help but be downhill all the way from there.


  1. Good pack for rookies and retired players.

    Mayfield wins the round though.

  2. Nice cards just wish they were not so expensive

  3. Nice to see Zach Thomas in a 2021 product.