Thursday 3 June 2021

2021 Score Box Break - Pack 7

 Hoping for a pick-up for today's pack.

First up is this card. Looks like a Hail Mary throw here.
A solid pack for the legends portion of the base set.
Here's the #1 draft pick. At least I won't have to put this card on my set building wantlist. 
Defensive player with the ball and the elements? That's an easy pick for the favourite photo in this.
Appropriately enough for the colours on this parallel, Parsons went to the Cowboys.

A QB theme to the inserts. Tannehill celebrates with a derp face, apparently.
And here's the last of the autographs in the box. While watching breaks of these boxes, they seemed to provide 3 rookies and 1 veteran auto in each. Mine was reversed, but I won't complain. Alie-Cox debuted in 2018, but didn't get any cards until Unparalleled one year later, and no autos until 2020 Chronicles. I probably prefer this one to the non-Favre autos in this box, since on the whole, they're less common. Decent photo to go with this as well.

There you have it!

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  1. That Lawrence card went for $15.99 plus 91 cents shipping in an eBay auction.