Tuesday 29 June 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 27.1 - Hanging Around the 7-11


Another hanger from the corner store. The best thing about these is they're perfectly counted to make things easy to scan everything, instead of just doing individual cards. 

As always with these UD Retro cards - a great concept, but horrible execution with these paper thin issues. The originals weren't like that, why these?

A nice summary of what this, and seemingly all, repacks contain. Recent base from flagship, ITG entries and junk wax era stuff. That's my first card of Gump on the North Stars in my collection. He looks about 60 in this photo, and definitely looks like a hold over from the "Why should I protect my head from pucks?" era. The Ogopogo on the Rockets jersey is another one of my CHL faves, alongside Sudbury's.
Gallagher provides the only respite from junk wax here. But at least there was a HOFer with Kurri, and some Nords blues.

Now that's an ITG-intensive grouping. But there's still some 1990 Bowman to give it that classic repack feel. There's two mask binder cards in all this, with the double duck look Giguere sported being one of my favourites of all-time faves. Sens content too, and I don't really have a lot of Josh Hennessy in that. There's also a great logo that I completely blanked on - the Cleveland Barons time as a Sharks affiliate, where they perfectly combine the team name with the affiliate. A really fun octet!

There you have it!

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