Tuesday 13 April 2021

Relics Hunted

 More Canadiana today, this time with all of the base relics from this set.

I hope you like this design, because there are 21 more where this came from. You can get another sampling of the variety of jerseys shown on the photos in this set with this Pronger, which shows the jerseys from the 1993 World Juniors.

I have no idea what it is, but I want to buy a zepter. (Apparently, it is some sort of Swiss direct marketing/MLM thingy). Maybe I don't want one anymore... Either way, the checklist here seems to switch from "Top 50 guys" to "They had jerseys available".
But there are still some pretty big names in this set, such as Iginla and Brodeur. I just wish that Brodeur relic had matched the photo. Yellow mustard Winnipeg Falcons throwbacks!

The upper right swatch on Bergeron with the slight colour bleed indicates that these jerseys may have been laundered before moving on to Upper Deck for this set. That foils my plan to leave one at the scene of a crime and see if I can get some random athlete arrested for my dastardly deed.
And the final 4. I haven't checked, but that might be my first Sidney Crosby hit of any type. But I am way, way too tired this evening to check. You know that's a solid foursome of players when Shea Weber is probably the worst of the four players on the backside of the alphabetical checklists. 

There you have it! I'll be starting with the bigger hits next post.

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