Thursday 1 April 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 12: Opening Day Surprise


Today is the perfect day for doing one of these, direct from the source.

 Here's the contents contained within. 4 repacks and a container. Let's see what's in those, going clockwise from the top left.
90s does mean junk wax, and that's what the first portion provided. But, it did provide an Expos card in the Floyd, and what might be one of the only appearances of braces on a card where the subject is an adult.
This was unexpected, and a very nice escape from the junk wax stuff. A CC Sabathia rookie, and it comes from one of the last sets to be released in the 90s, 1999 Topps Traded. A nice way to include both the start and end of the decade in the repack.

And a 1993 Leaf back as well! Even without the Sabathia, that was a solid little mix.

As with the hockey ones, the 70s/80s pack was all 80s, but it did land me another Expos card, and an O-Pee-Chee appearance as well. Even if that swing doesn't look very money.
The 2000s pack was also pretty nice, since it hit a few mid-range sets. Todd Walker prevents it from being a California sweep here. The Gold Label was particularly nice, and that's also a solid photo on the Salmon as he's fractions of a second away from solid contact.

Quite the range of years represented here, with 4 decades worth of cards making appearances for a solid variety. 

This was already a pretty good repack with just the Sabathia, but there was also the Hall, the Binning, the Park and the Money to make this a fun break. 


  1. Yeah, the CC rookie wins the round. Sandberg and Fernando are good ones.

    I got Combs' autograph at a game.

  2. Wow. Congratulations on the Sabathia pull.

  3. The O-Pee-Chee 83 is a nice card.