Sunday 25 April 2021

A Fortunate Miss

Several weeks back, I was itching to get into a small group break of 3 boxes of the new 2021 Tribute release. I saw the Mets were available, but they sold in the moments before I decided to pull the trigger. 

But I still had the itch!

So what else was available?

Oakland wasn't too expensive. They had a decent array of active players and legends as hits. Let's try that slot!

Out of 3 boxes worth, with 18 packs, and 3 cards (1 hit, two base/parallels) per pack, I got a single base card. That was still one more card than the Mets got, so I'm at least ahead of the game there.

But I got some hits as well. 

Here's one of those game-dated relics, via that hologram in the middle of it. That really doesn't scan that well, so to save your eye strain, here's what I learned through the MLB authentication.

So, A's at Rangers. 9/13/19.

Looks like Ramon made the most of the 1 from his 1-for-4 day, hitting a 3-run homer in a 14-9 slugfest win for Oakland. I always worry when I come across one of those that he spent the game on the bench, although that's more for pitcher cards than hitters.

While these aren't game-dated, there are two more swatches here. Along with cardboard fans in the background. So we can season-date the photo, at least.
Autographs? Of course there are autographs in this! It's a very basic signature, and I'm not sure what the second portion is supposed to be, but an auto is an auto. Luzardo was all over 2020 releases with autos, so I guess that continues into his second year. But at least I now have a second autograph of the first Peruvian-born MLBer, joining a Chronicles auto/relic.

I did mention legends in my intro. It is a lot more than the Rickey base card.
Because here's an autograph of a legendary pitcher and mustache. On-card, and definitely a lot more legible than the previous entry. Great photo as well, with a nice view of a staredown that isn't quite Dave Stewart, but still shows intimidation.

If that earlier entry is just a little too high-numbered for your taste, here's an orange parallel /25. 

This means that out of 18 hits over the three boxes, the Oakland spot ended up with almost 1/3 of them. Good thing that Mets spot was sold out, huh?


  1. Ha. Good stuff.

    The SN25 Rollie auto wins the round.

    I think that's a 'z' in Luzardo's auto, but I'm just guessing.

  2. Luzardo's autograph is a tricky one. I don't think it is a Z... unless Luzardo has a thing for backward Z's.
    You did EXTREMELY well on that break. I would have been happy with one Rollie auto, but you got two and three other hits? Good times!

  3. A) I didn't know Jesus Lizard was Peruvian. That's cool.
    B) Holy heck- 2 Rollie Fingers autos! What an absolute legend!

  4. You won out for sure, nice cards!