Tuesday 30 June 2020

Pack Sampler: 2020 Big League

With three mailings on the way, I thought I'd be reaching into the mailbag on this Canada Day Eve. Alas, Canada Post disappointed. As usual. So, here's a pack of Big League.
My first Big League card of 2020 is a pretty generic one. But the design gets the job done.
With the 'Fun Facts' being my favourite thing about the design in 2020 Score Football, it is no surprise that the Did You Know on the backs of these are my favourite things here.
No Blue Jays content among the 30 cards, but a former Blue Jay is the only Mets card in it, with it also likely being my first card of Stroman in Mets attire.
My favourite photos in this see Kiermaier's catch highlighted by a perfectly placed graphic on the outfield fence, with Javier's card giving the vibe to the multi-image cards of the past. Sorta. Kinda.
One nice thing about this over flagship is that instead of 'Moments' cards having a checklist on the back, they actually have a description of the event that just happened.
Here's my promised orange parallels. I also got the base versions of the Bogaerts and Leaders cards.
Finally, the inserts. With there only being one per team, the Caricatures give a nice vibe to the classic Diamond Kings. The odds aren't listed for the other three, but the Roll Call are one 1:4 packs. So, yay?

And there you have it. I'm still salty about the cancellation of Bark in the Park cards from a few years back, but these are a perfectly fine low-end release.


  1. I hope they eventually do a Bark in the Park insert set. As for this product... the Kiermaier might be the coolest of them all.

  2. I'm half-expecting a Batman-like "Ka-Pow!" to accompany that Kiermaier card!

  3. That Baez definitely makes you look twice. Like both the Bogarts and Yelich cards. Defensive Works isn't a bad looking insert. Good post!