Thursday 18 June 2020

2020 Score Football Box Break - Pack #6

This pack starts with something that might be making its final appearance on a football card: Infield dirt. That is enough to easily make it the best card in the pack, regardless of what else may come.
Even if the content does include another Bills card.
Or even if a great leaping catch by Mike Evans is also in the pack, with this also being a great example of why cropping a photo isn't always the best option.
For those of you playing the "which NCAA schools doesn't Panini have a license for?" game, this year, the answer looks like Florida International. James went to the Jets in the 4th round.
There was even Expos content among the Fun Facts.
2/14 content as well. Tuggle recently joined the collection, since all of his cards list his birthdate as 2/14, even if only a handful of web sources do the same.
I'm doing really well in getting great photographs for the Scorecard parallels.
Here's auto #3 from the box, with one more to go. Baun went in the 3rd round to the Saints.

There you have it!

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